Cooperation in machine engineering production

Since its set up in 1991 the Firmconsult has been involved in machine engineering contracts. Our portfolio includes a range of machine engineering companies with whom we are in close contact. We can offer a flexible machine engineering capacities which gives us an opportunity to meet all requests of our customers – in terms of quality, time, and competitive price. In scope, we cover all machine engineering products, including weldments precision machined in small and medium size series and production of machine engineering semi-products – castings, forgings, pressings and mouldings – for any type of product. We use our know-how in the sector and take care to choose the best possible manufacturer for each order. We keep checking the quality of the supply since the beginning to the end.

Reasons for cooperation with us:

  • We offer a choice of cooperation partners and may arrange for a visit of a foreign partner.
  • We guarantee quality, discipline in supplies and financing.
  • We will arrage for meeting with potential manufacturers and will take part in the negotoiations.
  • Each request is valued in technical terms with respect to successful and timely implementation.
  • We take orders and check them in terms of technology before sending them to customers and provide measurement protocols. This minimizes the risk of faults. In case the customer is interested he/she may be present at the acceptance procedure.
  • We will arrange for the transport to the final destination, the size of the piece is no limitation.

Quality and reliability for a competitive price

We guarantee quality control and adherence to the relevant standards.

External suppliers can offer relevant attests, certificates and measuring protocols, e.g.:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • Top standard welding licence
  • ASME Code Section VIII - Division 1
  • AD 2000 Merkblatt