Foil roofs – TEXLON® systems

Exclusive representation for the Czech and Slovak Republics

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FIRMCONSULT Ltd. is an exclusive representative of VECTOR-FOILTEC Gmbh in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For more then 25 years the company supplies transparent TEXLON® roof system using the ETFE foils for roofing. More then 700 projects have been implemented with the area roofed exceeding 100,000 m2. Firmconsult supplied welded stretching profiles for about 100 projects.

Characteristics of foil roofs

The system replaces glass by multi-layer “cushions” (usually they are three) made of transparent ETFE foil. The cushions are stretched in aluminium frames and the cushions are linked to the compressed air tubing supplied as a component of the foil roof. The EFTE foil is very strong (the bearing capacity of the roof is 250 kg/m2) and durable. It is absolutely resistant to UV radiation and after more than 25 years in service it shows no changes in mechanical properties or appearance.

Globally, we arranged profiles for VECTOR-FIOLTEC in more then 100 projects.

Major advantages over glass roofs:

  • low weight (specific weight of the roofing incl. )
  • almost unlimited shapes
  • natural colour treatment with excellent penetration of light incl. UV-A and UV-B
  • self-cleaning properties of the foil
  • excellent heat insulation


The latest innovation in foil facades is the “Flexi-pix” system allowing the use the foil façade as a large dimension TV screen for showing pictures or video. The screen is formed of LED raster with 16 mil. colours and the density of 100 – 400 pixels per m2 which allows for building a screen in size of 50 – 100 m2.


River City and the seat of the Czech Government

In the Czech Republic, as exclusive representatives, we have arranged for roofing of two atria – in Amazon Court, Prague-Karlin River City complex and in the Straka Academy in Prague, the seat of the Czech Government.