Handling equipment

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We organize the manufacture of various elements for continues or batch supplies in auto industry, such as skids, roller conveyors, multi-level ramps, lift-up and turning ramps, attachments for a flow assembly of car bodies, attachments for overhead chain conveyers, special containers for storing and handling big dimension pressings and similar products.

Firmconsult can provide an optimum manufacturer with the required know-how, during the manufacture it checks quality and supply dates, and organizes transport to the final destination. It takes part in project inspection days and helps the customer with solving potential problems.

In the technology terms, they are weldments machined to the required allowances and subsequent surface treatment. Their quality is guaranteed through providing special measuring fixtures, final measuring protocols, and final acceptance by the client.

FIRMCONSULT can find manufacturers who can produce the appropriate certificates, such as ISO 9001, top standard welding licence, or the attest of a supplier to the automobile industry.


Car body attachments for Land Rover

The order to supply 110 attachments supplied to Land Rover to Birmingham is connected with a rather interesting story. Originally, a Slovak company won the tender. During the test samples manufacture it appeared the company is not capable to produce the attachments in time and quality required. FIRMCONSULT Ltd. arranged for a quick transfer of the order to a Czech supplier who guaranteed the dates and manufacture of rather complex 3d attachments. A section of a cheap lace dresses suspension line was assembled in the manufacturer premises (similar to the customers), and a test assembly of all the attachments and their setting were done. Despite of very short deadlines, all attachments were delivered in the required quality and work without any problem without any complaint.